What’s on Your Duty Belt?

There are dozens of ways you can set up a duty belt. As one of the most crucial parts of an officer’s uniform, the duty belt can bolster your defense abilities. Conversely, if it’s maxed out with all the wrong tools, it can weigh you down and make any shift unbearable.

This week TacticalSheepdog1 uploaded a video demonstrating what he carries on his tactical duty belt.

Here’s what he keeps on his belt:

  • Key holder with a backup key
  • Basic gloves
  • Fox Laps Pepper Spray 5.3 heat units
  • Expandable baton
  • Springfield XD
  • Safariland holster
  • Winchester PDX ammo
  • Belt holders
  • Two sets of handcuffs
  • Maglite
  • Mini Maglite
  • Radio holder
  • CPR kit
  • Two additional flashlights
  • Handcuff key and holder
  • Knife
  • Puncture-proof duty gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Phone
  • Wallet

Now tell us, what do you carry on your duty belt?

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