What’s Propper B.Y.O.B.?



We’re proud to partner with Propper to bring you the B.Y.O.B. program. So what is it exactly? No, we’re not giving away free booze (although that’s not a bad idea). B.Y.O.B. stands for Build Your Own Bag, and with this program, you can get any Propper bag accessory 20% off on our site when you buy select Propper bags.

Step One: Pick your shell
From sling bags to rifle cases, there’s a bag for every role in Propper’s new bag collection. Check out all the eligible bags here: http://tacticalgear.com/propper-byob

Step Two: Customize your kit
Completely customize the kit by adding whichever accessories serve your requirement.

Step Three: Get your 20% off discount
Once you’re bag is completely built out, proceed to checkout and the 20% off accessory discount will automatically be applied.

Need a little help building out your bag? Check out one of our pre-built kits —  the 72 Hour Bag, the Perfect Gym Bag and the Grab-And-Go Range Bag.. We did the work for you to create the perfect pairings for common situations.



What do you think of the Propper B.Y.O.B program? Let us know in the comment section below.


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