What’s Your Favorite Brand?

Do you like tactical pants? For us, this is pretty much a rhetorical question. Yet, that very question was posed on the Utah Concealed Carry forum.

Below are the results from the site’s poll. With 40 votes, more than half said they wear tactical trousers. Surprisingly enough, the other half either didn’t know what tactical pants were or believe that “tacticool pants are for mall ninjas.”

On the forum, those unfamiliar with the pants said they wear cargos from Wal-Mart or classic Wranglers. Both 5.11 and LA Police Gear’s pants were mentioned by tac pants fans as well as Propper and Woolrich. Someone admitted wearing their tactical pants to meetings with fortune 500 companies with no one even raising an eyebrow.

However, other brands like Blackhawk, Vertx and EOTAC were left out of the conversation. So, now we ask a very non-rhetorical question … What’s your favorite tactical pants brand?

Remember, every vote counts! And what makes you loyal to your brand? Is it the fit? The fabric? The price?

5 Comments on “What’s Your Favorite Brand?

  1. Vertx for me, but i work there so i’m just a little biased

  2. Vertx all the way! Best bang for your buck and very Durable!

  3. What about TAD Gear? Those are MY favorite Tactical Pants. I wear “Tactical” pants about 7 days a week by the way.

  4. All around, well made pants with well thought out design. Since, I work in the medical field, I require comfortable fitting pants that looks professional and practical, Vertx is it…

  5. I’m a big fan of the Vertx pants when I’m working EMS. Great looking, great fit and great price.

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