Which Mil-Spec Monkey patch would you rock?

“Monkey,” as he is known by his friends, says he has always had an interest in the military. However, instead of enlisting he went to college, where he developed a specialized skill-set in video game-art and design. Now the tactical aficionado is the man behind Mil-Spec Monkey, an established tactical gear brand.

The most famous Mil-Spec Monkey product line is its collection of morale patches, which are the favorites of military professionals, law enforcement officers and tactical enthusiasts nationwide. It all began in 2006 when Monkey became one of the first to put professional design effort into patches. These patches are famous for being funny and pretty inappropriate.


We picked out a few of our top picks and want to know: Which Mil-Spec Monkey patch would you rock?

4 Comments on “Which Mil-Spec Monkey patch would you rock?

  1. Since I already own #2, and #4, I’d have to say #1

  2. I have a couple of #4 and wear them quite often. Those coupled with my rather non-politically correct ringtone have caused some awkward moments.

  3. #3, since I’ve been a weaponeer for the Marines.

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