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After a brief hiatus, we’re back with more goodies from our fabulous friends at Hi-Tec. This week we’re giving away the Tauranga WP, a waterproof suede leather hiker. This boot is chock full of features including waterproof bootie construction, a moisture-wicking liner, a heel-abrasion resistant panel and a TPU shank for extra support.

How can you make these fantastic boots yours? It’s easy. Post a comment answering the following question: Where is your favorite hiking spot and why? We want to know where you go to get away from it all, and what makes it such a special place. Perhaps it’s near a gorgeous field of wild flowers or a mysterious cave that always keeps you wondering. Wherever it may be, tell us all about it.

And in two weeks, our staff will pick their favorite response. The winner will be announced Wednesday, December 8, 2010. The lucky commenter will then be sent a brand new pair of Hi-Tec’s Tauranga WP. It’s really that easy!

Want to learn more about the Tauranga WP? Check out the following review written by our in-house graphic designer and Harry Potter fanatic, Corey S.

This contest is open to the U.S. and Canada only. If the winner’s size is out of stock, Hi-Tec will replace with another style of equal of lesser value.

I don’t consider myself a hiker. At all. I’m more like a slow walker. I like to take it all in. Smell the roses. And then smell them again.

And that’s precisely why the Tauranga WP is perfect for me. It is more of a lifestyle shoe that adapts to a variety of activities—whether it’s slow walking, climbing a rock wall or going out to lunch with my friends. It can be both rugged and casual. Multi-versatile. (Wait, is that a word?) It’s the kind of shoe I can wear to work and not have to change before hitting the trails.

For the purpose of this review, I wore the shoes for a week during all my daily activities. This includes work, play and Applebees. Yes, I said Applebees. Sadly, due to my grueling schedule, the shoes saw no grass or gravel, just a pavement trail near my house. Still I was able to gauge how they would perform if challenged with rougher terrain.

If I had to assign a rating for comfort and fit, I’d give the Tauranga WP a four out of five. I have another pair of similar trail shoes from The North Face. Compared to those, the sole on this shoe is less stiff. This is positive because there was no break-in period. I just tore these bad boys right out of the box and laced them up. It feels comfortable and true to size. While it does slip a bit, it doesn’t dig into the back of my heel like other boots do.

Many leather shoes have the tendency to scuff easily. Because of suede construction, these shoes are that much more durable. I feel like I could wade through a pile of spiky rocks, and the shoes would remain scratch-free. Not so sure I can say the same for myself, but you get the picture.

Now I don’t know if I am using the Ghilley lacing system correctly because, well, I haven’t been using it. I just slip the shoes on and off. I do tighten the laces a bit here and there, but there’s been no tying or untying. I believe it has saved me at least five minutes this week. As for the moisture-wicking liner, I really never had a chance to test it out. I will say that I didn’t experience “swamp feet” at all—a major plus indeed.

Lastly, I can guarantee the waterproofing works wonders. On my way to work this morning, the shoes met a torrential downpour. Not only did my feet stay as dry as the Sahara, they were quite toasty. In fact, I had to look down to make sure I didn’t forget to change out of my fuzzy slippers.

Aside from the positives, which there are many, I have two negative points. As a man with very flat feet, I need ample arch support to keep me going. Unfortunately I found the Tauranga WP lacking in this area. I am going to buy an insert to boost the support. Additionally, I was really bummed when I noticed a color difference from the online photo of the shoes compared to the pair I’m wearing. The green is more tan, and the chocolate is browner. Even the laces are more of a tan color. So buyer beware.

Other than that, I would most certainly recommend these to the casual hiker who is looking for a sturdy, waterproof trail shoe that could possibly moonlight as a pair of fuzzy slippers. Possibly maybe.

14 Comments on “Win Hi-Tec’s Tauranga WP

  1. My favorite hiking spot is in the Angeles National Forest out here in Southern California. It runs near the Pacific Crest Trail and the gorges can get pretty steep. You get to see some amazing wildlife and you are away from the traffic!

  2. My favorite hiking spot is right here in Pa. It’s along French Creek in the southern part of Pa. Theres a lot of trails around just to take the day and find all sorts of stone ruins in the woods. Theres a place we just found before it got cold called 6 Penny Lake. When the sun finally warms the ground enough for digging were going to do some treasure hunting. Gonna get out the metal decector my son got for his B-day…It’s been dried up now since about the 1950-60s. There was also a camping site around! Happy Digging! =)

  3. oh up cougar mountain in whistler is an old growth forest with trees soo big you can link arms with 4 or 5 people to span around them, it is a bit of a hike , you want to plan and make a day of it , but soo worth it, if you have lots of time there are lakes up the mountain too and lots of places to explore ,

  4. My favorite place to hike is through the crowds and steps to a Cardinals baseball game but if I were to win new hiking boots, I’d get them dirty in the mountains.

  5. Hands-down, my absolute favorite place to hike is in Glacier National Park – specifically in the Two Medicine area. Because its somewhat remote, and with limited lodging, it tends to get fewer visitors than other parts of the park. From the very first moment I saw Two Medicine Lake against the backdrop of the rugged mountains that surround it, the area captured my heart. It still remains my favorite place on the planet. My husband and I have enjoyed some incredible hikes from Two Medicine, such as Scenic Point, Dawson Pass and the Cobalt Lake Trail. For me, it’s easy to understand why so many people refer to Glacier as a “hikers paradise.” I hear it call calling me now…if only I had a pair of Tauranga WP Hi Tech boots!

  6. My favorite hiking trail starts at Lizard Head Pass near Telluride, Colorado. For the first hour, the trail meanders through a thick forested hillside, where the aspen trees are so tall and straight and their trunks as thick as Douglas firs. The trail then opens up to an ampitheatre of red-tinted, ancient 13,000′ mountains surrounding a small and gem-like blue Trout Lake below. From there, the trail switchbacks up up up, above treeline behind Wilson Peak, El Diente and the strangely shaped Lizard Head summit. At the top, you feel as if you’ve gone on a magical (if not grueling) journey through enchanted forests and ridgelines with breathtaking views. It’s wilderness at its finest, in the western-most clutch of 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado.

  7. My favorite hiking spot is the Bitterroot Mountains of western Montana. There are trails for people of all technical level and a high variablility in the length of hike. From 1 mile-loop hikes to multi-day hikes, the Bitterroot has them all. My favorite of these is an 18 mile up-and-back hike to Big Creek Lake. This trail takes you up a glacier-carved canyon with breathtaking views and at the top, you are rewarded with a gorgeous lake framed in a beautiful alpine meadow. This lake is a perfect base camp to explore other spectacular destinations deeper in the Bitterroot Mountains.

  8. Well, Hiking boots are really comfortable as well as great in performance it makes your hard journey easy and smooth. well, I usually prefer Ballersonline collections which is tough for rough journey.

  9. My favorite hike is the Tour Du Mont Blanc. Winding through the breathtaking Alps of France, Italy and Switzerland, it is a hike of a lifetime. Please be forewarned that you will feel the frequent urge to break into song from the Sound of Music. “The hills are alive……………….!”
    PS It helps to have a handsome French guide named Olivier to lead the way. 🙂

  10. I like to hike wherever my family is hiking! That has included lots of hiking in the Ozark Hills down around the Black River in Southeast Missouri, the Cascades, the Appalachians, and the Rockies. As a brain tumor survivor experiencing mental fatigue, being outside hiking is the most peaceful place to be offering me a stress-free life. As a brain tumor survivor, I also struggle with decreased strength and endurance, which has prohibited me from hiking to the extent I dream. So I find myself blogging alot about my dreams which also include working on my physical strength with the hopes of hiking along the Black River one day from our cabin to our lakeside property 13 miles downstream wth my husband’s help! A good sturdy pair of hiking boots for my flat-footed, bow-legged husband would be a big encouragement to him to encourage me! God bless!

  11. My favorite hiking spot is just minutes from my house and offers panoramic views as reward for the hard climb. Rocky Ridge at Las Trampas Regional Park in San Ramon has a variety of trails and the opportunity for plenty of wildlife sightings. I also enjoy the peace and quite atop the ridge. There are fossils (shells) embedded in the rocks along the ridge trail as well. A photo from earlier this year:

  12. My favorite hiking spots are in the Red Rock region of New Mexico, especially around sunset. And, for bonus points, to get away from it all I like to hike in the lava tube caves of El Malpais National Park (I can’t really call that hiking though, it’s more like sliding on my belly).

  13. I like to hike Mt. Timp in Utah with my boys (hubby and son). Timp offers hikes for all skill levels with a summit elevation of 11,749, you can see into Salt Lake, Provo and Heber – three cities in three different directions. Even though you can see these cities form the top, you can’t the whole way up so it is a wilderness feel the whole hike. If you don’t want to summit, then there are literally hundreds of other options to hike on all side of the mountain. Waterfalls, meadows full of wild flowers, thick pine forests. We’ve even seen mountain goats, big horn sheep, moose, elk, deer, and a cougar on the mountain, you can hike the same trail 100 times and always have a new experience or hike a new trail everyday. It’s truly a outdoor wilderness experience with something for everyone and only minutes away to multiple trail heads. A “must Hike” hike in Utah.

  14. my favorite place to hike is the trails of The Grand Canyon. If you’ve ever been there, you know the views are breath-taking. To hike there is a completely majestic experience.

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