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Winter Camouflage

News  February 19 2010
 — By Jeanette Kozlowski
Winter Camouflage

Although winter camouflage isn’t much help in the Middle East, it’s definitely useful in colder climates. Lighter colors of camo will keep you well hidden in any type of winter weather scenario, whether you’re hunting or sneaking behind enemy lines.

The following pictures were posted on Filforce.org’s forum where “geardos” and “wannabes” were asked to post pictures of their personal gear and impressions. It doesn’t say who makes this snow camo, but it sure looks convincing from 20 meters away.

Of if you’re going for that abominable snowman look, you can always go for a Snow Camo Gilly Suit ($99.95).

Here’s a video comparing all the different camo colors against a snow covered tree line. The five men sport Woodland camo, off-white commercial hunting camo, German Flecktarn camo and grey and white commercial hunting camo. The videographer notes that outside the tree line lighter colors blend well from the waist down while the darker colors blend better from the waist up.

(Images via Filforce.org and ArmySurplusWarehouse.com)

(4) Readers Comments

  1. The first one is Germany’s Schneetarn pattern which is a variant of their Flecktarn.

  2. The first snow-camo is a sort of Russian camo for hunters mainly, made by “Pokrov”.

  3. wheres that ghillie suit at i need it

  4. Cool, it reminds me of the scene in Red Dawn where they ambush the Ruski patrol

    ~James G

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