Packing Pink: Ladies-Only Gun Camps on the Rise

women-gun-clubs-in-united-statesWhile often stereotyped as a man’s hobby, gun enthusiasts of the female variety have been forming gun clubs, and these ladies-only clubs are popping up all over the place in the United States.

Most recently, The Telegraph featured Debbie Ferns, author of Babes with Bullets, Women Having Fun With Guns and gun club organizer, where she discussed this surge of female interest in firearms.

“It started with one camp in 2004 and now we’re planning 15 to 20 camps for 2010,” she told The Telegraph.

According to Ms. Ferns’ Web site, her favorite shooting sport is Tactical 3-Gun, utilizing a rifle, shotgun and handgun.

With the upswing of these women-only gun groups, those who sell gun accessories are catering to the stereotypical feminine need — to possess everything in pink! Watch below as Ms. Ferns explains what attracted her to the sport and why she is getting her girlfriends involved, too.

Founded on the philosophy that “just because I shoot like a man doesn’t mean I have to look like one,” Packing in Pink, a Canadian company specializing in gun products with a girly twist, offers products designed by women only for women.

“Safety is always priority number one, but unlike other manufacturers, sex appeal and comfort are a very close second,” reads the company’s Web site. “Because of our devotion to women, PIP will make a donation to breast cancer research with every purchase.”

Two of the products featured on the site include blush-colored ear muffs ($34.99) and glasses ($19.99).

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  1. I live in Cerritos ca where can I find a woman’s gun club near me ?

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