Women’s Hiking Boots Try-on Party

Since hiking boots aren’t your average athletic shoe, it is of the utmost importance to get the sizing right.

We strive to do just that at tacticalgear.com. In order for our customer relations team to better serve our customers, each and every one tried on all the boots we carry in our warehouse. It was such a huge undertaking that we reserved an entire Friday evening to get the job done.

The end result?

A better informed team ready to answer any question that comes their way. A special thank you goes out to FoxRiver for supplying socks for our boot try-on party. We are happy to report that the party was a blister-free zone.


While someone wearing leggings felt like she had duck feet, everybody else loved the Keens. After trying on the Targhee, Voyager, Genoa Peak and Red Rock, the group decided Keens have one of the best arch supports in the bunch. This type of support is vital during long walks on any terrain. However, Keens do tend to run smaller, so choosing a half to even a full size up might be necessary.

Women’s Keen Targhee II


Much like FoxRiver, Hi-Tec gave our entire customer relations team a free pair of hiking boots of their choice. This has enabled our staff to become rather familiar with the different styles. Some of the styles we sampled included Sofala, Altitude, Multitterra and Soledad. Winter boot St Moritz received a special shout out for its warm lining and comfy fit. It was even compared to big, cozy winter socks that wrap around the feet like a Snuggie.

Women’s Hi-Tec St Moritz 200


Overall, the Salomon boots proved to be the most comfortable. It was an instant and unanimous vote from all the women involved. It’s a boot that fits true to size and has small pillows that embrace the sole of your foot. While it’s not the most stylish shoe on the planet, it has the most appealing fit. We can safely say that after trying on the Quest, Exit Aero and Tiana.

Women’s Salomon Quest 4D GTX

The North Face

After lacing up the Dhaulagiri, Hedgehog and Sorceress, we decided that The North Face’s footwear is definitely the most stylish. Stylish enough, in fact, we might even wear these outside the woods. Actually, one participant at the try-on party mentioned that she sometimes wears her Hedgehogs to an aerobic class. “It’s probably not such a good idea because the sole is rather cumbersome. It makes doing lunges too much of a challenge.” In fact, it’s that very rigidity that makes these shoes so great on challenging terrains. Moreover, the sole might be tough, but it certainly doesn’t take away from the sophisticated styling of the shoe.

Women’s The North Face Hedgehog GTX XCR


Vasque was another brand kind enough to outfit our CRAs in their head-turning blue Mindbenders. The ladies keep raving about it—even weeks after the try-on party—and say the shoes get more comfortable with every wear. There’s something about it being super-lightweight that will add a spring to any step. The trail shoes also have noteworthy traction. Other styles we sampled included the Breeze, Wasatch and Zephyr.

Women’s Vasque Mindbender

All in all, the party was a huge success, and our feet can’t wait for the next one!

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