Women’s Military Boots Try-on Party

How do you get to know your products better? Try them out for yourself, of course. That’s exactly what MilitaryBoots.com’s customer relations team did on a Friday evening last month.

They unboxed three of our best-selling boots to see what all the fuss was about. They were surprised not by the fact that men’s boots fit a woman’s foot, but by how well they fit. Even though there are women’s military boots made specifically for ladies, enlisted females often choose to wear the same boots as their male counterparts.

The ladies of MilitaryBoots.com preferred side-zip over lace-ups and soft toe over composite. Read on to find out what else they fancied about each style.

Belleville 310

The lightest boot in the line-up, the Belleville 310 is a style often issued to military personnel. Since these boots do not have a side zipper, they are very time consuming to lace up. Some divisions in the Air Force and Navy allow for a side zipper. This option depends on what the chain of command requests. When wearing the 310s, you can feel the boots rub up against the sides of your legs. However, if the pants are jammed inside your boots with blousers, that rubbing sensation will likely be blocked.

Blackhawk Desert Ops

Hailed as the best boots out of the bunch, Blackhawk Desert Ops are as close to a running shoe as it gets in the military boots department. On ladies, the boots run a bit small; for men, they are true to size. Superlight and extremely comfortable, the boots give an extra spring to your step, which actually inspired some of our participants to run a lap around the office. Someone even said they felt as if they were “walking on air” in the boots.

Converse Stealth

For composite toe, Converse’s Stealth boots are the best. Overall, the ladies agreed that the fit is so-so. Maybe after a week or so of break-in time, this boot might fit better. It might take a week or so to break these in.

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