Woolrich Elite Reveals New Concealed Carry Chinos

At SHOT Show 2011, our No. 1 priority was to catch a glimpse of any and all new tactical pants. During the week in Vegas, we met up with Woolrich Elite Series Tactical product manager and designer Brian Miller to chat about what’s next for Woolrich tactical trousers.

He introduced us to the Concealed Carry Chinos. And we were thrilled to make their acquaintance.

From a quick sneak peek (see video above), we learned that this discreet version of tac pants is composed of 98 percent cotton, 2 percent stretch twill fabric. This mix is said to provide ultimate comfort and added mobility. Available for purchase in June 2011, the Concealed Carry Chinos will come in khaki and black for $59.99 MSRP.

“The bi-product of that is we actually have the ability of reduced printing of weapons on the inside of the garment,” Miller told us at SHOT. “The goal here of this pant is to make it totally look non-tactical. And I think we’ve achieved that.”

At 7.8 ounces, the chinos are lighter than both 100 percent cotton canvas pants from brands like Blackhawk and EOTAC as well as the 65 percent/35 percent poly-cotton canvas blend pants from Propper. As a more inconspicuous tactical pant, they have less pockets than Kitanica‘s 12 and 24-7 Series with 14. To see how the Concealed Carry Chinos measure up to all of the other styles of tactical trousers, be sure to check out the Tactical Pants Review.

The pocket features, which Miller called “very subtle,” includes a new angle on pocket openings to accommodate a knife. Additionally, a dual chamber pocket bag and an invisible side zipper make conceal carry easier than ever.

“The two layer outer pocket helps to mask the printing from the weapon on the inside,” Miller said. “It also maintains all of its functionality.”

Another pocket innovation can be found on the back of the pants, where a flat pocket with a button-through closure keeps accessories such as knives and flashlights in place.

Woolrich Elite’s Concealed Carry Chinos

  • 7.8 oz. 98% cotton/2% stretch twill fabric
  • Comfort waist with elastic side panels
  • 3-Ply, dual chamber pocket bags
    • Inner chamber is accessible through invisible zipper and allows for discreet carry option
    • Outer chamber provides conventional pocket function and additional benefit of reduced printing
  • Two back button-closure pockets
    • Two knife openings on back pocket flaps
  • Reinforced crotch
  • Easy care: machine wash, tumble dry and cool iron as needed

Are you sporting more discreet looks these days? How will Woolrich Elite’s latest trouser fit into your tactical wardrobe?

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