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At TacticalGear.com News, we pride ourselves on featuring the most cutting-edge tactical gear, news, offbeat tactical tidbits and industry-relevant interviews. That being said, we welcome fresh ideas and new perspectives from writers in the know.

Who can contribute?

Do you have a good command over the English language? Do you possess a healthy obsession with guns and/or gear? Whether you’re a tactical professional or a knowledgeable gun enthusiast, we have a place for your voice on our news site.

Why contribute?
  • Be more creative. When you write for us, you can explore new topics that might not fit your current publishing outlet.
  • Score free publicity. With every post, you expand your audience. We promote our posts through our ever-growing social media channels that reach thousands of tactical professionals.
  • Get passionate! While we don’t encourage long-winded rants, we do think you should indulge in your tactical obsessions. Like getting technical? Feel free to talk specifics.


What gets published?

We accept submissions for the following:

  • Gear reviews
  • Personal stories, tactical tips or relevant experience
  • Law enforcement themed articles
  • Opinions on EDC or concealed carry
  • Reviews, thoughts and opinions on firearms

If you have a post idea that’s not listed, just send it our way. We’re open to any and all relevant suggestions.

Before you apply…
  • Please only send us original content. We will not republish or accept plagiarized submissions.
  • We ask that you speak and write in English. We don’t mind the occasional edit, but we keep pretty busy around here. No time for translations.

Still interested? Good. Please send all submissions to katie [at] cat5 [dot] com.

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  1. Can you please tell me if there is a way for me to bronze boots myself. They are not military boots but my husband passed and has a pair of steel toed rubber boots I wanted to get bronzed for my kids. Any ideas?

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